General Tips

Finding and hiring a nanny can be a lengthy process, but it doesn’t need to be arduous. Sometimes though, employers get so caught up in finding the right nanny and then completing the paperwork, that they neglect to think about how to actually treat the nanny, who is a persona as well as an employee.

Here are some tips to maintain a happy and respectful relationship with your nanny:

- Your nanny is a nanny. She is not a dog-walker, a gardener or a garbage-taker-outer. While you may included a clause about light housework in your contract, don’t abuse it.

- If you need your nanny to work overtime, you must ask - don’t expect it. Of course, you must also pay her for her overtime work.

- If you ask your nanny to do anything while she is “off the clock,” then she is actually back “on the clock” and you need to pay her for that time. That includes if you need her to watch your kids while you run out to the store, or to be “on call” in case you might need her help.

- Including your nanny in lunches and dinner, while may not be legally necessary, can go a long way towards helping her feel at home and at ease. Remember, she is taking care of your children, so you want her to feel comfortable and liked!