Standard Salaries

Live-in nannies must be paid at least minimum wage (May 1, 2014) as set by the Employment Standards Regulation. In Alberta, this is

  • an hourly minimum wage of $9.95 for most employees;

  • a weekly minimum wage of $397 for many salespersons, including land agents and certain professionals; and

  • a monthly minimum wage of $1,893 for domestic employees.

 In Calgary, the standard wages are higher than in other provinces 12 per hour till 16 depending on the family and nanny.


Generally, for live-in caregivers, the minimum amount of work and wages is:

- $9.62/hour

- 44 hours/week

- $336/month

New Wages Update(2022-10-01)

Wages/Salary: hourly rates range from $16-$25 per hour depending on your budget, requirements and the experience of the nanny. Wages are paid directly to the nanny by employer.

For Employees

If an employee gets sick or insured on the job and is unable to work, she should still be able to receive wages through the Workers’ Compensation Plan of Alberta. This plan must be paid for by the employer, and should therefore be included in the employment contract!

For more information, contact:

Workers' Compensation Board of Alberta

P.O. Box 2415

9912-107 Street

Edmonton AB T5J 2S5

Tel: 780-498-3999 (Customer Contact Centre)

Fax: 780-498-7875